Coaching Plans Available to You!

" Inspiring you to Do Business by Faith"
  • Emergency Business Coaching (1 Hour)
  • Build Your Faith For Business Success Session  (1-hour)
  • Grow Your Business by Faith (4 hours)
  • Start Your Business by Faith (4 hours)
  • Write that Book by Faith (4 hours)
  • Start that Online Business by Faith (4 hours)

My coaching sessions are personalized and are catered to your business goals and individual needs. The sessions are held via zoom or conference call. Along with your coaching sessions, I will communicate with you via email and you choose how many sessions you need.

 I recommend a (1 hour) session for an initial Faith building business coaching session and for all other coaching plans, 4 hours of coaching is strongly recommended.

 I Look Forward to Inspiring and Empowering You to Build Your Business by Faith!

Testimonials From My Coaching Clients

Mrs. Morgan, is an effective coach that understands her role to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tunes into the needs of her client.”

~Juanita Montague


I personally have taken her coaching program and I have seen tremendous growth in my business in a matter of days!

~Andrea Dickerson of  DayCare Success Online Network


Shiketa is an amazing business professional, she is very knowledgeable and her tips have given me great insight on how to grow my child care business. She has been the most valuable connection I have made thus far and I am so appreciative she has shared her deep wealth of knowledge.”



Sign-up For a 1 Hour Coaching Session $175/hr

Sign-up For 4 Hours of Coaching For Only $397



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