A Message From Shiketa

Welcome to my new website! 

God has blessed me with so many gifts and talents and I can finally say that I  now have a site that connects all that I do together. 

I feel so blessed that God has placed me in the industry of childcare where I can provide a quality and safe place for children.

As an author, I get to inspire my readers to go to another level in life or in business.

Most of all as a business coach, I get to show business owners how to get to levels that I have reached in business, because after all, you can only take people where you have gone and you can only teach what you have mastered.

Furthermore, I realize that you could have been any place else in this moment, however, you chose to visit my site. 

So, thank you for for visiting my site and I pray that this site adds value to you and that you are inspired and empowered!

-Shiketa Morgan

Follow my Podcast Series: Develop the Leaders Around you by Faith

Discover how to develop the leaders on your team by Faith when you follow my podcast. This series is for business owners that desire to grow their business or that has leaders working in their business.

Doing Business by Faith

The Doing Business By Faith Online Network inspires Business Owners to Build their Faith as they build their businesses. On the website you will find a Blog, podcast, coaching services and ebooks. 

Child Care Business Owner Institute

The Child Care Business Owner Online Network was started in 2010 and is inspired by Shiketa's 21 year of owning and operating a Child Care Business.

The Online Network consists of an Empowering Blog that teachers Child Care Business Owners How to Build a Quality and Successful Child Care Business. Visit the Child Care Business Owner blog today and be inspired! click here

                                                    Shiketa Morgan , Business Woman, Author and Coach

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