Be Anxious No More!

In 2018, I entered into a valley of grief and anxiety. In fact, It felt like a pandemic. My blood pressure was out of control, I was have heart palpitations, fear plagued my life and I was stricken with fear. It took almost 2 years to overcome the anxiety that I was facing and I thank God that I was delivered!

I share my story of how I was healed in my upcoming book, Be Anxious No More. The book will be available for download in June 2020!

A Sisters Heart is a Book about Shiketa's Journey through  suddenly losing her beloved brother ( Cornell to Sickle Cell Disease) and her sister (Jenean) suddenly from cardiac arrest. 

 Losing my siblings awakened me to live out my purpose on this earth and I have been inspired to inspire others with my life. 

So be sure to download my book, A Sisters Heart so that you to will be healed and become awakened!

                                                    Shiketa Morgan , Business Woman, Author and Coach

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